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Harry Redfern suffered a heart attack in December 1936, his wife died in May 1937, and his doctor would not allow him to travel for some time. Carlisle, however, needed a new pub as a one million pound RAF equipment depot (14 MU) was being built and it was expected to bring about 3,000 workers to the area. Temperance protesters were told that a new pub would be needed to prevent overcrowding at the existing pubs. Joseph Seddon, Redfern’s assistant was commissioned to design this new pub. In gratitude for Harry Redfern’s work and commitment to Carlisle it was decided to name this pub the Redfern Inn and it was opened on 1st October 1940.

It was agreed at the outset that the design must include a bowling green and this influenced the design as there was only one position for this green.

When Redfern finally saw the pub that bore his name he is quoted as saying:
“I fell in love with the building when I saw it and should be proud to think that I had designed it. But all the kudos for that goes to our good Seddon.”

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